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Compositions and Microrealistic Tattoos

Quality and detail in your skin

My Tattoo Process

My tattoos reflects the client personality .


The design process is both complex and straightforward, hinging on understanding the tattoo’s idea and intent.

Emphasizing the lifelong significance of the tattoo, I value and respect its importance, trusting in the collaborative creation based on your ideas and my expertise.


Effective communication is vital; the more information provided, the clearer the expectations for the final design, which will be shown only to you and not sent more than 24 hours in advance.


The creative process is unique and consistently successful, involving a design in my signature style that encapsulates all discussed elements, tailored to enhance your body’s shape and achieve harmony with your proportions.

The process

I adapt each design to the client’s personality


It is important that you know the style of tattoo you want and in which part of the body. From my experience I will advise you if it is the best option for what you are looking for.


I will make use of my skills and years of experience in the industry to achieve a design that is as close as possible to what you are looking for.


With your idea and my view on the project we will get to the tattoo you have in mind, making your idea something tangible.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most frecuent questions

On the tattoo day, I will block off that time to work together. The first thing I will do is review the design with you and print various sizes to find the one that best fits the area and the original idea. I won’t have a ruler in hand looking for the exact centimeter we mentioned, I will use this information as a guide within reasonable terms.

Then the session will start, and we will be tattooing until the design is finished. I don’t like to rush; I enjoy the process. I am not comfortable working when I know you are suffering, which is why I work gently and over the years have developed a technique that is quite respectful to the skin.

Still, we cannot deny the obvious: when working with needles, there will be discomfort, but nothing unbearable, and it will all be worth it.

For projects that require several sessions, the timing will be discussed in advance so there is no doubt. It is important to emphasize that there are factors beyond my control and a tattoo is not a mathematical process: there is a wide range of skin types, each person heals differently, there are different skin qualities, and everyone experiences pain differently. That’s why in certain projects I might say: ‘I don’t know if it will take this time or maybe more’. I cannot always be absolutely certain, but I always try my best; I only say this to be transparent and establish a mutual trust relationship.

You can schedule an online or face-to-face consultation depending on the availability of the agenda. They are usually not necessary as I am used to working around the world, which means that for location reasons, a face-to-face consultation in advance is not an option, and communication by email has been fluid. Thus, I like to use email because we can exchange images without losing quality, and maintain an organized conversation thread where I can go back to read the idea again and again to prepare the design.

The answer is no. I like to create different pieces, as many as there are people in the world. It’s great that you help and guide me with images, but copying something that another person already has on their skin is not my way of working.

Normally no. On the day of the appointment, I recommend you come alone, but I leave it to your choice. I will require concentration to work, and it may be distracting to have someone around you. Often when we talk, we gesticulate with the body, and these small movements can question the quality of the tattoo. Also, think that the tattoo will take several hours, and you will be busy in the process, but the person accompanying you may become impatient. It’s great that they may be with you to go to the appointment, or wait outside if they want to accompany you during the small breaks we will take during the session, but during the tattoo, it’s better if you are alone.


It is very different to tattoo on highly pigmented (darker) skin and less pigmented (pale) skin. When we tattoo, we create saturation to generate shapes and volumes. The paler the skin, the broader the range of greys or color gamut for the tattoo. Conversely, if the skin is more tanned, having less color range up to the black tone that allows me to create shadows, the tattoo will need to be adapted to the skin tone, and therefore it is very likely that it cannot have the same level of detail and may not allow the application of certain colors.

If you have many freckles, raised freckles, pimples, warts, or any skin alterations, consult directly before the appointment. These skin alterations can be an impediment to getting a tattoo, and the best solution for you, your skin, and your tattoo will have to be studied.

Two weeks before the tattoo day, hydrate well, drink water, and use moisturizer. Your body is my canvas, and just like in any other artistic process, the better the surface is prepared, the easier and more comfortable it will be to work on, leading to a better result.

On the day of the appointment, the area to be tattooed will be shaved for hygiene and protocol reasons. Therefore, if you have a lot of hair, I appreciate it if you consult me beforehand as it might be better to wax before the appointment to avoid irritating the skin and let it rest the night before.

After finishing the tattoo, I will explain the most suitable care for you, as each person has different circumstances and skin characteristics. It’s not the same for a person who can carefully look after their tattoo every 8 hours as for someone with an intense workday.

There are different ways to manage healing, but all are based on the basic principle of understanding that a tattoo is a wound, and therefore: cleanliness, moderate hydration, and calmness. This will be the key to ensuring that our tattoo heals in the best possible way.

What my clients say

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“Really capture the personality of Cody”


“I wanted to tattoo my spirit animal"

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If you have any doubts contact me and I will give you my vision about the project, together we will achieve the tattoo you have in mind, I will give free rein to my creativity and I will make your idea something tangible, that will accompany you forever.

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